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PB Jelly - 1.3 ounces / 36 milliliters
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PB Jelly is a specially formualted premium paintball lubricant with Teflon. A synthetic base with the addition of Teflon micro-powders, promotes anti-friction and non-stick. Perfect for all paintball guns where a grease is required. From spool valve assemblies to high and low pressure regulators, a light coat is all that is needed for spool markers.
PB Jelly will NOT run, drip, evaporate, form gummy deposits, melt or separate!
Lets face it, other lubes contain additives that are a gimmick and do not improve the performance of your Paintball marker. PB Jelly is a clear and clean lube and does not contain a color additive. PB Jelly is odorless and does not contain a scent additive. PB Jelly is also non-toxic.

WARNING: *** This product should NOT be used with HPA Tanks. Doing so could cause personal injury or death. For internal marker operation only. ***

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